Any professional event, no matter how well organised it is, can always benefit from having a dedicated team of medical professionals present. Royal Ambulance’s event medics and ambulance standby services allow you to concentrate on making your event a total success, without having to worry about medical care.

As part of this service our highly trained personnel will review your proposed event and provide a full risk assessment which ties in with your planning process. This comprehensive analysis will address suggested personnel numbers, types and quantities of ambulance vehicles, individual skillsets and qualifications and even infrastructure requirements.

Depending on the perceived risk, your budget and event size, we can provide a range of personnel to cater for every eventuality. Registered nurses, doctors, paramedics, ambulance crews and emergency medical technicians can all be provided in any manner of combinations and quantities.

Our event medics and ambulance standby services are complemented perfectly by the fact that we are a licensed provider of non-emergency ambulance transportation service. This means that we can promptly and safely ensure that patients, who are in need of external medical care and are in a stable, low risk condition, receive an immediate transportation service.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your event runs smoothly and without incident; which is why our professional team will positively engage with other care providers and emergency services at your event.

We can cater for both high and low risk events and can adapt our services to suit accordingly, including equipment and infrastructure changes. Ensuring that your event receives the appropriate level of medical care and attention is our number one priority.