As a PTS Driver, your primary responsibilities lie with the safe transportation of non-emergency patients. These individuals are usually elderly, disabled or vulnerable and it is your duty to ensure they safely reach their destination – whether it’s an outpatient clinic, daycare centre or a routine hospital appointment.

The nature of the role means that as a PTS Driver you will inevitably get to know many regular patients and will usually find yourself working as part of a two person team. You will also be expected to help patients in and out of the non-emergency ambulance and ultimately ensure that they safely and punctually arrive at their destination.

Furthermore, all PTS Drivers are trained in basic resuscitation techniques and are also responsible for keeping the non-emergency ambulance clean.

Entry Requirements

We look to employ individuals who boast a good general education and hold a full driving license. Having a pleasant disposition is a definite bonus as our regular patients enjoy and appreciate the interactions they have with all our PTS Drivers.


Before being accepted as a PTS Driver, individuals are required to undergo in-house training which covers areas such as first aid, moving and handling techniques and safe driving skills.

Applicants will then undertake an assessment and, if successful, will then be supervised in a probationary role.

Career Progression

The natural career path for a PTS Driver is to become a fully qualified paramedic. Obviously, this requires a lot of additional training, examinations and selection criteria, but the role of a PTS Driver is definitely a great foundation from which to build.


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