All of our PTS call handlers are key members of our non-emergency ambulance transport services team. They are responsible for organising and coordinating all patient transport services such as facilitating patient travel to routine hospital appointments and arranging for patients to be taken home after being discharged.

As a PTS Call Handler you will be dealing with transport requests for the same day, the next day or even in the near future. You will also be responsible for accurately recording patient information and ensuring that resources are utilised in the most efficient way possible.

Entry Requirements

We look to employ individuals who boast a good general education. Strong keyboard and computer skills will be a definite bonus, as will an understanding of telephone etiquette.


All PTS Call Handlers undergo in-house training, be it classroom-based or on the job. Specific guidance will be given in regards to radio equipment, switchboard operation and computer access.

Career Progression

The natural career path for a PTS Call Handler is to transition into a supervisory role within the Royal Ambulance control room. As a supervisor, responsibilities and duties will shift to be more staff focussed and managerially-based.


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